quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010


When the Earth moves there are always many problems.
All people on the world know that one the strongest earth
earthquake ever recorded ripped through central Chile on
February 27-2010. Which killed and wounded many people,
Demolished roads, bridges, homes and hospitals and reduce
to rubble. Towns and villages this country this large
earthquake interrupted all system logistic in Chile, the
water and food failed in some towns and villages.
Officially this quake measured 8,8 on the Richet’s Scale,
with a powerful very strong.
NASA announced which sifted the earth axis and shorten the
planet´s day, but in the face of such awesome power the
deaths toll remained reality low 700 people as of march 3,
by contrast more than 200.000 Haitians died as a result of
a January 12 quake that was very much weaker than the one
in Chile.
The reason this difference is clear, there are many years
ago Chile government there many years ago insist that
buildings be constructed to withstand quakes and Haiti is
There is a lesson in this the biggest threat to human life
once natural disasters.
It´s necessary to pay attention it would be very good
foreseeing all cataclysms which can kill many people and
to demolish many things.

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