quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

What you should do your friends

 I go remember you some things:
Watch the sun and set on the same day.
Give flowers.
Laugh at yourself.
Run as far with your legs as with your mind.
Lose your inhibitions inside and outside of
the shower.
Visit each of the five continents.
Learn another language and teach your own
Forgive, like the brave has always forgiven.
Experiment with weightlessen.
Not want to retire.
Run a race against time.
Confess to something big.
Sleep a lot and keep on having dreams.
Gate- crash a party and make it last forever.
Shout the next round´s on mel en a bar. And
then  keep your  promise.
Make love somewhere you normally wouldn´t.
Run naked in the rain.
Live without the Internet for 24 hours and not just
Because you have no signal.
Conquer your fears.
Sleep under the stars.
Not buy a return ticket.
To have more plans than memories.
Know which came first, the chicken or  the egg.
Reach the top in all you plans.
Love a lot and well

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