terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

Woman´s rights

According to our constitution, women have the same rights as men, which determine that women can get to all places in the society. Many years ago they have created their own association to fight for their freedom and to abolish all kinds of exploitation and oppression.
Nowadays, they have a wide way in order to compete for all positions. It looks like that most of the women ended having more rights than men. They can study without any problems, because they are not obliged to serve in the army and girls are more protected than boys.
All universities are full of girls, studing to complete several superior courses.
In Portugal, there are more women than men, who are engineers, doctors, lawyers, judges and teachers. The best professions are in their hands. In politics they do not reach more than one fifth of the seats, but they will go on improving more and more.
The world as more women than men, therefore they will be the ones to rule all countries, later on. In my opinion, very soon they will become the most important group of people. Women are always improving their condition and on the contrary men are always losing their rights.
All men should pay attention and look after it, otherwise, they will become the slaves of women.
This is my opinion and no body will shut my mouth.
Rafael C. Souza made it.

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